Define What Makes up Your Product
Manage your product at multiple layers, not in an issue tracker or spreadsheet.
Track Your Product Progress
Track what's done, what's in progress, and what's left.
Coordinate When and Where Your Product Goes
Target Features to Milestones and Environments. Then use those targets to filter your product map to increase focus on your progress.
Groom the Backlog at Any Layer
Drag and Drop Features to prioritize your products functionality. Priortize functionality within a specific feature, or across product suites (and everywhere in-between).
Manage Dependencies Across Products
Identify Product Dependencies to help you sequence and priortize development.
Coordinate Across Teams
From Product to Product, or Product to the Rest of the Organization
Connect to Other Systems
Connect with GitHub, and design documents stored anywhere in the cloud.
Product Mapper - The PM Tool
A tool designed for managing product
Whats Next?
Who knows? User stories? Acceptance criteria? RFP Feature Tracking?
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